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Letter of Refusal to Committee of Adjustment re: 256 Chaplin Crescent

September 24, 2015

TO:                 Chair & Members, Committee of Adjustment – Toronto & East York

FROM:           Councillor Josh Matlow

RE:                 256 Chaplin Crescent

File Number A0728/15TEY

To be heard on September 24

I am writing to respectfully request that your committee refuse the request for variances before you today for 256 Chaplin Crescent.  The applicant is seeking relief from provisions of the existing zoning bylaws to build a new two-storey detached dwelling with a below grade integral garage.


The variances requested for this application are with respect to: minimum required front yard setback, minimum required side yard setback for the portion of the dwelling that exceeds 17m and to permit a below grade garage.


The entire property is regulated under the Ravine and Natural Feature Protection Bylaw, and under this current proposal, the City of Toronto’s Urban Forestry staff has suggested that at least 14 trees will need to be removed to accommodate the construction of this dwelling, 6 trees could be significantly injured, and another 9 trees will need to be removed to construct the driveway.  29 trees in total will be significantly impacted on the applicant’s property, and the root systems on the neighbouring property will also be impacted. For this reason – our own Urban Forestry Department has written to your committee to ask that this application for variances be refused.


I have heard from several local residents that have provided a petition signed by 22 of their neighbours who are extremely concerned about the impact this proposal will have on the community should it be approved. They will be directly, and negatively impacted by this significant loss of the tree canopy.  Residents have suggested that the applicant has not made any effort to address the concerns raised in advance of today’s committee meeting.


As the local councillor, I share the concerns raised by our forestry department and the community. As this property is within an area regulated under the Ravine and Natural Feature Protection Bylaw, we need to ensure that we do whatever possible to minimize the impact any new development has on the existing tree canopy. This has not been demonstrated in this application.   If approved, this development will have serious consequences for those living in the immediate vicinity of 256 Chaplin Crescent, and also on the community at large.  For this reason I am respectfully request that your committee refuse the request for variances before you today.





Josh Matlow

Toronto City Councillor

Ward 22- St. Paul’s


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