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Best of Midtown: Cyclepath

2106 Yonge Street








"Starting in 1994 with a dream of creating a local neighbourhood cycle store Walter Posner opened CyclePath, which at that time was a franchise store. As the years went by Walter became a legend in the local neighbourhood as a knowledgable, layed back, gentle and helpful store owner. At some stage the franchise of CyclePath collapsed and the store became owner operated versus a franchise. Over the years Walter employed local teens during the summermonths while keeping some stalwart staff to manage the store during the long winter months.


After 17 years Walter decided to "move on" to greener pastures and offered the store to one of his young staff members who had been loyal to him for 7 years. Kevin Wilson unfortunately did not have the funding available so he called upon his dad Michael to assist with investing in CyclePath. Mike, who had been in the corporate world all of his adult years decided it was time to break out on his own and instead of just "investing" in the store, he decided that it was time to go it alone. Mike purchased the store from Walter in November 2010 and is going from strength to strength.


Michael's philosophy is "evolution not revolution" and instead of being a new broom that sweeps clean Mike has kept the store as is, with several cosmetic changes and upgrades. Lucky for Mike, Walter has stayed on in a consultant capacity helping Mike ease into the life of retail. Kevin continues to be paramount in the mechanics of the store and as is tradition Mike has continued to employ the local teens during the busy summer season.


In the tradition of "family" Mike's younger son Colin also works at the store during the summer months and his wife Beverley is the web designer and technical assistant ensuring that the fridge,TV, printer and beloved coffee machine stay in top shape"

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