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Core Service Review

Dear Residents,

As part of the 2012 budget process, Mayor Ford and council hired a consulting firm to conduct a Core Services Review to identify opportunities for savings in virtually all City services.

While running our city more efficiently, and balancing its budget, is an important and necessary priority for council, I am deeply concerned about many of the service cuts that have been proposed.

Our libraries, parks, seniors' services and childcare are as essential to our quality of life as maintaining our roads, sewers and providing garbage collection.

Recreational, arts and culture, educational and social services are certainly "core services".

While I believe it was necessary to review how, and what, services our municipal government delivers, it is clear to me that the review process announced by the mayor's office was done hastily and did not properly take into account the feasibility of the proposals in the consultant's report nor the needs of most Torontonians.

It is important to note that the final decision on all of these matters will be made by Council.

In the coming weeks, I will be working closely with my colleagues from every political perspective to protect the services that Torontonians pay for, and rely on, while offering more thoughtful and realistic proposals to balance our budget and see our City run more efficiently and with greater accountability.

As your councillor, I am prepared to make some difficult decisions that are necessary to improve Toronto's financial situation - but not recklessly. Council must always consider how people are affected by the choices we make.

If you have an opportunity, please review the consultants' proposals here.


You can submit your comments and make a public presentation at these special committee meetings.  Read the Have Your Say! page to learn more about how to submit your comments and request to speak.  As always, feel welcome to send me your opinions or questions.




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