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Dear residents and friends,


I deeply appreciate your support and confidence and I look forward to an ongoing dialogue with you on the many issues, challenges and opportunities we'll face together as a community here in Ward 22, St. Paul's and as a city.


I'm advocating for a more thoughtful, creative and responsible new approach for city council. I want council to engage our city's residents with an inspiring plan and make informed decisions that are based on evidence, community consultation and the merits of arguments - rather than ideology or left or right-wing partisanship.


My staff and I are here to assist you with any concerns or questions you may have. We're also working every day to improve our local neighbourhoods- along with supporting the many valued services Torontonians rely on every day. You are always welcome to contact me at 416-392-7906 or by email at







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Councillor Matlow spoke on options for the Scarborough Subway, March 31, 2016.

Councillor Matlow spoke on tenant issues related to the Residential Tenancies Act, December 18 2013.

My challenge to Mayor Rob Ford

If Mayor Ford can articulate a realistic transit plan to city council and Toronto residents that is fiscally responsible, facts-based and considers all evidence including density and ridership projections, and can provide rapid transit service without delay to Eglinton, Finch and Sheppard Avenue residents, he'll earn my support for it.


A mix of new rapid transit lines being built across North America

Please see this map from national transit blog The Transport Politic that shows, after governments have left us decades behind, we're finally making progress building a mix of new rapid transit lines. Read this page for a thoughtful article, and comment discussion, on Toronto's transit debate seen through the eyes of the third person.


It's time to move forward with building transit

February 5, 2012


Dear Residents,



For too many years, the question of how to improve and expand Toronto’s transit system has shamefully been used as a political football. One government sets out a plan, the next scraps it, and then the next commissions yet another report.



I believe Torontonians are relying on us to move now, and without delay, on a realistic transit plan that will benefit this generation and beyond.


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City of Toronto and CUPE 416 arrive at a tentative deal

Dear Friends and Residents,


I'm happy to report to you that after a marathon round of negotiations that went all night and into this morning, the City of Toronto and CUPE 416 (outside workers) arrived at a tentative contract that will now have to be ratified by both the union and city council. Therefore, I do not expect disruption to our city services.


I would like to thank Mayor Ford, Deputy Mayor Holyday, the City's negotiating team and CUPE 416 for their commitment to arriving at a fair deal. I look forward to seeing all details in the coming days.


The City of Toronto continues to negotiate with its other employee groups.




Toronto City Councillor

Ward 22 - St. Paul's


Statement on Mayor Ford's regrettable comments

Thank you to the many residents who have written to me regarding the Mayor's regrettable comments yesterday.


It is unfortunate that Mayor Ford decided to use such an offensive comparison during a radio interview. I hope that he takes the time to learn more about the reprehensible individual he compared his colleagues to and realizes why it was inappropriate.


My focus continues to be on working respectfully with fellow councillors from every political perspective on a realistic and responsible transit plan, finding solutions for those seeking affordable housing, removing Toronto from the Ontario Municipal Board's purview, protecting tenants from escalating rents and tackling gridlock while serving the residents of my community every day.


I hope that Mayor Ford will decide to join the rest of Council in discussing how we can move forward with these important issues, along with many others, together.






A Responsible & Compassionate 2012 City of Toronto budget approved

Dear Friends and Residents,


On Tuesday, January 17th, City Council approved a responsible and compassionate budget that reflected the voices of Ward 22 residents, and the majority of Torontonians. I am very pleased that Council was able to come together and save many important municipal supports for children, seniors, the less fortunate and the environment. These services were protected by the efforts of many councillors that I worked with day and night over the past weeks to achieve a better outcome for Toronto. I am pleased to have helped bring together colleagues from different political stripes and areas of the city to protect childcare, transit, recreational facilities and many other social supports. The specific programs and services protected today include:


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Upcoming Budget Town Hall and Important 2012 Budget Updates

Dear Friends and Residents,

Yesterday, the Budget Committee approved a $9.4 billion operating budget and a $2.8 billion capital budget for the City of Toronto in 2012. Their recommendations will go to Executive Committee and full Council on January 17th, 2012. While I am pleased that several important programs were saved, I am still concerned over many of the cuts that remain.  Many of the remaining cuts are a direct result of the Mayor's request to cut 10% from the budgets of every City Department, Agency, Board and Commission. I have expressed my concern about the arbitrary nature in which this process has been conducted in a previous newsletter.  These mandated reductions have forced City staff to take Draconian measures that do not consider the importance of services to local residents that rely upon them.


In this update, I'm providing you with:


  • A notice about my upcoming 2012 Budget Town Hall
  • Important information on the 2012 Budget
  • Green Toronto Awards


Warm regards,




City Councillor
Ward 22 – St. Paul's

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