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Dear residents and friends,


I deeply appreciate your support and confidence and I look forward to an ongoing dialogue with you on the many issues, challenges and opportunities we'll face together as a community here in Ward 22, St. Paul's and as a city.


I'm advocating for a more thoughtful, creative and responsible new approach for city council. I want council to engage our city's residents with an inspiring plan and make informed decisions that are based on evidence, community consultation and the merits of arguments - rather than ideology or left or right-wing partisanship.


My staff and I are here to assist you with any concerns or questions you may have. We're also working every day to improve our local neighbourhoods- along with supporting the many valued services Torontonians rely on every day. You are always welcome to contact me at 416-392-7906 or by email at







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Councillor Matlow spoke on options for the Scarborough Subway, March 31, 2016.

Councillor Matlow spoke on tenant issues related to the Residential Tenancies Act, December 18 2013.

Update: 2012 Budget - FYI, Some Proposed Service Cuts

Dear Friends and Residents,


I believe that when decisions are being made at City Hall that affect any neighbourhood or street in our ward, it is vital that those residents are informed.  When it comes to the 2012 City of Toronto Budget, Council's decisions will have an impact on not only one community, but the entire City.


Following up on my newsletter regarding the proposed cuts and service reductions contained in the 2012 budget, I am providing you a brief update on some of the specific details that were released yesterday afternoon. The following list is not exhaustive as I have just received 4 binders containing over 1,000 pages of information pertaining to the City's finances for the next year.


I will be spending the next month going over the documents and picking out items of interest to our community in order to provide a detailed list of proposed changes at a Budget Town Hall meeting I am hosting on January 11, 2012, 7:00pm at the North Toronto Memorial Community Centre.


Preliminary list of facilities that are proposed to be closed or have service reductions in or directly adjacent to Ward 22 include:


  • Brown Public School: Elimination of programming at the shared-use community centre
  • Davisville Public School: Reduction in Student Nutrition Program funding
  • Central Eglinton Community Centre: Staffing level reduction that will cause a reduction in programs offered to community
  • Deer Park Public Library – reduce the number of hours from 62 to 56 hours per week, a 6 hour reduction (equivalent to two mornings)
  • Northern District Public Library – reduce the number of hours from 69 to 59.5 per week, a 9.5 hour reduction (equivalent to approximately three mornings)
  • Forest Hill Public Library – reduce the number of hours from 62 to 56 per week, a 6 hour reduction (equivalent to two mornings)


There are no school pools proposed for a reduction in funding in Ward 22.  However, across the city, the following school pools are slated for elimination of City programming:


  • Bedford Park
  • Frankland
  • Gordon A. Brown
  • Hillcrest
  • Runnymede
  • SH Armstrong
  • Sir Wilfred Laurier


Other City-wide recreational service reductions that may be of interest to Ward 22 residents include:


  • Phil White Arena: arena operations ceased between 7am and 4pm, Monday to Friday
  • High Park Zoo: closure
  • Far Enough Farm (Toronto Island): Closure
  • Closure of Fairhaven and Stanley Park outdoor pools


I will provide you with a more detailed analysis once I have completed reviewing the entirety of the budget documents I've received.  I recognize that some hard decisions will have to be made given the ongoing structual deficit the City of Toronto has been saddled with since amalgamation.  However, I will continue to advocate for and protect the services that Torontonians value and rely on every day.






City Councillor
Ward 22 – St. Paul's

City Council committee agendas can be viewed at:

If you'd like to send an email directly to the members of the Budget Committee, these are the Councillors who sit on this committee.


Councillor Matlow's letter to residents on the 2012 City of Toronto Budget & TTC Service Reductions and Fare Changes

Dear Friends and Residents,


To ensure that you are informed on the decisions being considered at Toronto City Hall, I've prepared the following updates for you.


Please feel welcome to send me your feedback as hearing from the residents of Ward 22 assists me in advocating on our community's behalf at Council.

Read more


TTC service reductions and additions planned for 2012

Please click here to read the details about the TTC service reductions and additions planned for 2012. I will continue to advocate for a public transit system that is reliable, accessible and affordable, with quality service, for every Torontonian.


November 10 Update from Councillor Josh Matlow

Dear Residents,


We have made a successful effort towards reforming Toronto's planning process.  This past week my colleagues on the Planning Growth management committee supported our request to ask Queen's Park to free Toronto from the OMB.  Please read details below.   I'm also including a variety of updates and public meeting notices for your information.


  1. Remembrance Day – City of Toronto Ceremonies
  2. City Committee Unanimously Supports Abolishing the OMB
  3. Urban Forestry Planting in Roycroft Park
  4. Avenue Road Watermain Project Update
  5. Toronto Police 53 Division Annual Town Hall Meeting
  6. Heritage Town Hall Meeting – Official Plan Review
  7. Toronto Hydro Town Hall Meeting
  8. Movember


Read more


Free Toronto from the OMB! Motion to be debated November 8th, 2011

Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam and I have submitted a motion to free Toronto’s planning decisions from the purview of the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) – the quasi-judicial, anti-democratic body that has final say over local planning decisions.

This motion will be debated at the Wednesday, November 8th meeting of the Planning and Growth Committee. At this meeting, there will be an opportunity for you to provide input to that committee by making a deputation or, if you cannot attend, email or letter. To sign up to make a deputation, or for further information, you can contact the clerk on the committee's website.

It is time to protect the fabric and character of our local neighbourhoods and allow our elected representatives to have the final say on the future of Toronto's neighbourhoods. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard!


Motion to Release Funds for Margie Winkler Memorial Bench Passes

Authorization to Release Section 37 Funds to Toronto District School Board for Capital Improvements to Hodgson Senior Public School Grounds - by Councillor Josh Matlow, seconded by Councillor Karen Stintz



Councillor Josh Matlow, seconded by Councillor Karen Stintz, recommends that:

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Hamilton's split model garbage collection

Contracting Out

Public-private competition for long term best value

By: Beth Goodger



The issue of private versus public collection of municipal waste has been in the news recently. This year, the City of Windsor, Ontario privatized waste collection services and Toronto City Council approved privatizing waste collection for 165,000 households in that city's west end. In April 2011, Hamilton City Council gave approval to explore expanding its competitive model to recycling collection.


At the heart of the debate is the desire to achieve cost-effective service delivery and whether or not privatizing waste collection (an important service) is the only way to achieve this.


Read more


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