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Dear residents and friends,


I deeply appreciate your support and confidence and I look forward to an ongoing dialogue with you on the many issues, challenges and opportunities we'll face together as a community here in Ward 22, St. Paul's and as a city.


I'm advocating for a more thoughtful, creative and responsible new approach for city council. I want council to engage our city's residents with an inspiring plan and make informed decisions that are based on evidence, community consultation and the merits of arguments - rather than ideology or left or right-wing partisanship.


My staff and I are here to assist you with any concerns or questions you may have. We're also working every day to improve our local neighbourhoods- along with supporting the many valued services Torontonians rely on every day. You are always welcome to contact me at 416-392-7906 or by email at







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Councillor Matlow spoke on options for the Scarborough Subway, March 31, 2016.

Councillor Matlow spoke on tenant issues related to the Residential Tenancies Act, December 18 2013.

Protecting Toronto's Public Library System

Over the next several weeks the Toronto Public Library Board will be considering service reductions to dozens of libraries across Toronto.  I believe the Mayor's demand of a 10% cut from the Toronto Public Library is arbitrary, far too simplistic, and lacks context.  Therefore, I will not be supporting service reductions to a system that so many of our residents value.  The proposed reductions will have an unnecessarily adverse effect on our Public Library system – a system that has seen growing demand and must be protected.

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It's Time to Fight Toronto's Gridlock

Gridlock is a serious problem for Toronto's motorists, public transit users and cyclists. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) recently noted that the Greater Toronto Area suffers from the longest work commute times in North America - costing our region's economy an estimated $3.3 billion per year while negatively impacting on our quality of life.


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Orchard View Pedestrian Square

Thoughts About the Orchard View Pedestrian Square? Please fill in the Survey

As many of you know, a portion of Orchard View Blvd., closest to Yonge Street, was closed earlier this summer. On this road space, tables, chairs, umbrellas and planters were installed to create a pedestrian ‘square’ for the community. Every Thursday, this space features the Apple

Tree Farmers’ Market. With the Orchard View Pedestrian Square closing as of October 11th, we are now in process of evaluating this pilot project to determine if it should re-open again in 2012. If you have thoughts about Orchard View Pedestrian Square, please take a few minutes to complete the on-line survey. Don’t forget to enter your name for a chance to win a $20 gift card to stores in the Yonge & Eglinton area!

Link to the online survey:


September 2011 Update from Councillor Josh Matlow

Dear Friends and Residents,


This Monday, September 26th, city council will be considering the city manager's recommendations arising from the Core Service Review.  While I strongly agree with reviewing the services the City provides and how it provides them, I am concerned that this process was done hastily, without enough regard to context and information on expected revenue.  Moreover, in my opinion the public consultation process was inadequate.  I am working closely with my colleagues from every political perspective towards finding solutions to Toronto's structural deficit, while protecting the services that are important to our residents.

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My position on the release of the City Manager's final core service review report

Dear residents,


As many of you may have heard, City Manager Joseph Penachetti announced details of his final report on the Core Service Review that will be considered at the Executive Committee on September 19th and will be debated at city council on September 26th.


The report contains over $100 million in proposed budget cuts for 2012 and was delivered via a media briefing before elected councillors had an opportunity to see the document.  Moreover, it was released during Community Council day when all councillors were busy attending to local matters impacting their wards. Sadly, this undemocratic process lent itself to a battle of sound bites rather than to a thoughtful, contemplative and evidence-based assessment on Monday.

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281-289 Avenue Road

From: Concerned Cottingham < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2011 19:05:17 -0400

Subject: **time sensitive** CONDO & Community Council meeting

We have been working with Josh Matlow a great deal over the past week. Considering the inconvenient & nonspecific timing for the Community Council meeting tomorrow, we have good news. Tomorrow's particular Council meeting is NOT critical for our cause- therefore, if tomorrow is difficult for you, there is no pressing need to attend. Subsequent meetings are much, much more important. For those that would still like to attend, the Community Council meeting tomorrow begins at 9:30am & early indications are that our issue won't be tabled until 2pm or 3pm.  But note, this timing is influx, and our issue may be tabled much earlier than currently anticipated. We will post further timing information to our website tomorrow; as soon as we receive it.  Please see below for some comments from Josh Matlow on the next steps following tomorrow's meeting:

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Toronto's Port Lands

I believe it is absolutely vital to create a mixed use, green and people-friendly waterfront for Toronto of which we can all be proud.

While it is healthy to review plans, and consider new ideas, I would like council to build onto a decade of work, and millions of dollars invested by Waterfront Toronto rather than hastily shift to a new plan for the port lands.

Moreover, it is paramount that the City of Toronto genuinely consult with its residents before changing plans that were agreed upon through consultation in the first place.

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