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My letter to the Licensing and Standards Committee regarding nuisance lighting

Chair and Members

Licensing and Standards Committee

10th Floor, West Tower, City Hall

100 Queen St. West

Toronto ON M5H 2N2



June 10, 2013


Re: Enforcing Chapter 629-17 of the Municipal Code relating to nuisance lighting



Licensing and Standards staff have adopted a narrow interpretation of Chapter 629-17A of the Municipal Code relating to nuisance lighting, specifically the definition of "direct lighting." As a result, residents who are affected by nuisance lighting originating off their property have been dissatisfied by City enforcement of its own by-laws.


I am writing to request that staff clarify their interpretation of Chapter 629-17A and report on options to revise it and any other City by-laws or policies as necessary to take into account the actual, lived experience of residents affected by nuisance lighting.





1. The Licensing and Standards Committee request the Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards, to report back by December 2013 on the following:


a. how the City of Toronto currently enforces Chapter 629-17A of the Municipal Code, including how this practice was adopted;


b. options to revise Chapter 629-17A of the Municipal Code and any other City by-laws or policies as necessary to take into account the actual, lived experience of residents affected by nuisance lighting.




Josh Matlow

Toronto City Councillor

Ward 22 – St. Paul's


City of Toronto and School Boards Task Force Approved

Council approved my motion to create a task force made up of city councillors and school trustees from all four boards in the Toronto area. We serve the same communities, and share many priorities, yet are different levels of government. Now there will finally be a formal table for us to work together on common priorities such as community hubs, school pools, childcare, recreation and learning opportunities for all ages.


Oriole Park Community Garden Update

For the past year and a half, I have been working with the Oriole Park Community Garden Committee, along with the Friends of Oriole Park and City staff, to create Ward 22's first community garden in Oriole Park.


Last week, we had a successful meeting where City staff presented and displayed what the proposed garden may look like and where it will be located within the park. We received positive feedback from residents, and there was dialogue with all parties to make sure the Community Garden is a success.


The next step will be an application and proposal by the Oriole Park Community Garden Committee to the City of Toronto. We continue to welcome your participation and feedback in shaping the Community Garden!


UPDATE: Supporting Improved Parking for Mopeds and Scooters

I am pleased to say that City Council has directed the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee to consider my motion, seconded by Councillor Berardinetti, to return some common sense to the rules regulating moped and scooter parking in Toronto. This is an important step forward because, as I mentioned to you in my previous update, the committee chair decided he was not interested in considering this item at the most previous committee meeting.


The next Public Works meeting will be held on September 20, 2013. No matter where you live in Toronto, I encourage you to contact your local Councillor and the mayor in support of this initiative. When the committee agenda is posted in early September, I will follow up with you so that you can submit comments to the committee on the public record.


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