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Issues & Policies

Solar Energy, Jobs, and Economic Development

Solar energy has the potential to benefit Toronto's environment and economy. As your School Trustee I worked to have solar panels installed on school roofs and am proud to be helping expand green power across the city.


With the support of Council, I moved a motion to endorse potential solar projects for consideration by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA). The OPA has new rules establishing a points system to determine the priority for offering of contracts for rooftop solar projects. Points will be awarded to applications that are supported by the municipality in which the project is located. Projects with more points will be more likely to receive contracts from the OPA.


In particular, I worked with BrightRoof, a Ward 22 firm with projects in our community and across the city. The projects that BrightRoof and others are developing will deliver significant benefits to the City of Toronto, including more local jobs, clean energy, and new revenue streams for property owners.


NOTICE OF MOTION: Taking Action on the Roots of Youth Violence

Taking Action on the Roots of Youth Violence

Moved by: Councillor Matlow

Seconded by: Councillor Thompson




Each tragic spike in youth violence is followed by task forces and reports with hundreds of ideas on how to respond. Many of these reports have contained recommendations which, if acted upon, would support Toronto's youth. In 2008, the Province of Ontario published a comprehensive report authored by The Honourable Roy McMurtry and Dr. Alvin Curling. The Review of the Roots of Youth Violence identified a significant role for municipal partners in addressing the roots of youth violence, including poverty, racism, poor neighbourhood design, health issues, lack of youth engagement, and lack of economic opportunities. Unfortunately, the recommendations in the report have only been partly implemented. It is time for serious, meaningful action, not more study.


This motion requests that the City Manager report on the status of joint Provincial-Municipal actions recommended in The Review of the Roots of Youth Violence and Ontario's Youth Action Plan which followed in 2012. It also requests the City Manager recommend initiatives that the City of Toronto can implement now to address the roots of youth violence.




1. City Council request the City Manager to report to the Community Development and Recreation Committee by June 2013 on the status of joint Provincial-Municipal actions recommended in the reports The Review of the Roots of Youth Violence and Ontario's Youth Action Plan


2. That the City Manager recommend initiatives that the City of Toronto can implement now to address the identified roots of youth violence including, but not limited to;


i) Establishing a body with the mandate to develop a corporate agenda to develop and publish a specific youth violence strategy with measurable objectives and timelines, and to monitor and report regularly to the public on indicators of progress.

ii) Developing a youth anti-racism plan

iii) Creating community hubs to provide space for meetings, recreation, the arts, and service providers;

iv) Establishing local coordinating bodies to help improve access to services offered in each neighbourhood and to improve coordination amongst them;

v) Implementing programs to familiarize families, including new settlers, with community structures and supports;

vi) Reducing barriers to youth recreation programs;

vii) Increasing resources to tower neighbourhood renewal initiatives;


My letter regarding the Municipal Infrastructure Strategy

Dear Mr. Pennachetti,  On December 17, the provincial government announced additional funding for the Municipal Infrastructure Strategy. I am writing to bring this to your attention because the deadline to apply for funding, January 9, 2013, is rapidly approaching.  The City of Toronto desperately needs provincial assistance to repair its aging infrastructure including everything from transit and sewers to libraries and community centres. It takes a substantial amount of funding every year just to keep the TTC in a state of good repair, never mind upgrading the 1940s electronics system or expanding the subway network. The Gardiner Expressway is only the most dramatic example of our critical need, but every burst water main is a symptom of unseen deterioration as well.  Before "downloading" in the 1990s, the provincial government recognized the importance of municipal infrastructure by investing in both its maintenance and expansion. Today the burden falls principally on our property tax, so I am grateful for this additional funding for the Municipal Infrastructure Strategy and I hope the City of Toronto can move quickly to take advantage of this opportunity.  Sincerely,      Josh Matlow Toronto City Councillor Ward 22 – St. Paul's

Reply from City Manager Joe Pennachetti, January 7, 2013


Town Hall Meeting Presentation Slides

Here are the presentation slides from my 2013 Budget Town Hall Meeting that was held on December 13. Please click on the image to open them as a pdf file.


City of Toronto - Town Hall Meetings - 2013 Operating Budget and 2013 - 2022 Capital Budget and Plan


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