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Bringing Common Sense to Parking Enforcement

Some parking infractions do not warrant the same level of police enforcement as others. An illegally parked car on a quiet street with surplus spots is less of a problem than an illegally parked car or stopped delivery vehicle on an arterial road. Vehicles illegally parked or stopped on arterial curb lanes can delay thousands of drivers and transit riders. My motion to bring a common sense approach to parking enforcement was approved by City Council in July 2013 and a request for action was forwarded to the Toronto Police Services Board.


UPDATE: Supporting Improved Parking for Mopeds and Scooters

Dear friends,


As I mentioned to you in my previous update, my motion to return some common sense to the rules regulating moped and scooter parking was sent to the chair and members of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee and Councillor Michelle Berardinetti, a member of that committee, was prepared to move it on my behalf at their meeting today. However, the committee chair, Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, decided that he was not interested in considering the item today and adjourned the meeting before Councillor Berardinetti had an opportunity to present it.


I will not allow petty politics to prevent us from doing the right thing. Therefore, I intend to bring my motion to the July meeting of City Council to direct the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee to consider this item. Unfortunately, because the summer is upon us and due to Councillor Minnan-Wong's actions, our motion will not be able to be debated by the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee until their next meeting in September.


No matter where you live in Toronto, I encourage you to contact your local Councillor and the mayor in support of this initiative. As we get closer to the July meeting of City Council, I will follow up with you to ensure that you continue to be informed.





Josh Matlow
Toronto City Councillor
Ward 22 – St. Paul's
Tel: 416-392-7906


Traffic Light Synchronization in Toronto?

June 12, 2013


Jim Kenzie

Toronto Star


Toronto City Council voted recently to spend upwards of eleven million dollars on traffic light synchronization in the city.


Wait a minute...


When I went to university - yes, there were cars then - we ('we' because we carpooled, dontcha know...) knew instantly when the traffic light computer was down because it took way longer to get to U of T from the Bathurst-Lawrence area where I and my fellow carpoolers lived.


I also once met the computer salesperson who had just had his territory changed so he missed out on the huge commission from the sale of new traffic computer equipment to the city.


So, we had traffic light synchronization computers way back then.


What happened??


OK, so Toronto grew a little.



Read more: Traffic Light Synchronization in Toronto?


Traffic Signal Synchronization Approved at Council

Earlier this week, my colleagues passed a motion to improve traffic signal synchronization at City Council. I am pleased that the Mayor and the Chair of Public Works made this a priority in response to my letter of September 2011.


Traffic congestion is a significant problem for Toronto's motorists, public transit users and cyclists. This congestion costs the region's economy an estimated $3.3 billion per year while negatively impacting on the quality of life of our residents. The long-term solution to this problem is building a more accessible, extensive and efficient public transportation system.


In the meantime, we can take significant steps such as this to improve traffic flow in the short-term.


NOTICE OF MOTION: Parking for Mopeds and Scooters

Councillor Josh Matlow

Ward 22, St. Paul's

City Hall, 100 Queen Street West        Tel:   416-392-7906

2nd Floor, Suite A17                            Fax:  416-392-0124

Toronto, Ontario   M5H 2N2                This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Chair & Members

Public Works & Infrastructure Committee

10th Floor, West Tower, City Hall

100 Queen St. West

Toronto ON M5H 2N2


May 27, 2013


Re: Parking for mopeds and scooters


In recent years, the popularity of motor-assisted bicycles (mopeds) and limited-speed motorcycles (scooters) has greatly increased and they are now a common sight on many streets. The City of Toronto should be encouraging the use of mopeds and scooters because, in a city challenged by gridlock, take up less road and parking space and they use less fossil fuel.


However, our current rules and regulations for parking mopeds and scooters predate their reclassification by the Province of Ontario as types of motor vehicle and this has created some negative impacts. Unlike bicycles, they must be parked on the street where they are vulnerable to theft or damage and occupy valuable paid-parking spaces that fund important services like parks, libraries, and road maintenance. Riders who park on the sidewalk and block pedestrians or use City bicycle locks are currently fined by City of Toronto parking enforcement officers.


It is time to use common sense to bring our regulations into the twenty-first century and reap the rewards of increased moped and scooter ridership without reducing road safety or pedestrian comfort.



1. City Council request the City Manager to report to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee on

a. strategies to accommodate parking for limited-speed motorcycles and motor-assisted bicycles without compromising the sidewalk pedestrian clearway, driver sightlines, or public safety, including but not limited to:

i. increasing the supply of boulevard parking that is restricted to use by motorcycles, limited-speed motorcycles, and motor-assisted bicycles; and

ii. providing additional incentives to dedicate spaces in new developments to visitor spaces for motorcycles, limited-speed motorcycles, and motor-assisted bicycles

b. any changes to provincial legislation that would assist the City of Toronto in better sharing the public right-of-way between all users.



Josh Matlow

Toronto City Councillor

Ward 22 – St. Paul's


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