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APPROVED: Supporting Improved Parking for Mopeds and Scooters

Dear Friends,


It is my pleasure to report that the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee agreed, this afternoon, to begin the process of returning common sense to scooter and moped parking in Toronto. Due to the motion that Councillor Berardinetti and I brought to City Council, staff have been directed to report back to the Committee with realistic options so that we can move on to finally legalize boulevard parking for scooters and mopeds. This is a necessary step on the path to achieving concrete change.


Thank you so much for contacting your local councillor, writing to the Committee, and even coming down to City Hall for the meeting today. Your engagement was very important to our success.


Our job now is to emphasize the urgency of this work to City staff. They need to come back quickly so that people will no longer have to fear receiving unreasonable $50 tickets for simply parking their scooter or moped. I'll share an additional update with you once I know when we can expect the final report to be released and voted on at the Committee.




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