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The City of Toronto's Seniors Strategy Released


Dear residents,


I am very pleased to share the proposed Toronto Seniors Strategy with you. As chair of the Toronto Seniors Strategy subcommittee, I am so grateful to our communities, experts and staff whom have contributed so much to this important and substantive work over the past two years.


Our City's new Seniors Strategy is a proactive, holistic and inclusive initiative that seeks to create a truly age-friendly Toronto.


Click here to read the Toronto Seniors Strategy.


You can also view the Executive Summary of the strategy, covering all of the highlights, by clicking here.


The Seniors Strategy will be presented to the Community Development and Recreation Committee which will be held on Wednesday, April 17 at 9:30am at City Hall, Committee Room 1. Please click here to view the agenda item. Through that link, you will also find buttons at the very top of the page to submit comments on the public record or to request to speak in front of the committee on April 17 by making a deputation.


I encourage you to share your feedback and insights!





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