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Standing Up For Seniors in Toronto Community Housing

Dear Residents,


I was very saddened to learn from the Toronto Ombudsman's recent report that a senior tenant of Toronto Community Housing died shortly after being improperly evicted in 2012. This alone would be unacceptable and inexcusable but it follows a lack of progress made on reforms that were recommended after an inquiry into another death in 2010. Seniors who live in public housing are among our most vulnerable community members and they deserve our care and support.


The new CEO of Toronto Community Housing has agreed to implement all the recommendations in the Ombudsman's report by next year. To ensure that no more tenants fall through the cracks, City Council supported my motion to have the Ombudsman oversee all situations when a senior is facing eviction until new rules and practices are in place at Toronto Community Housing.


You can learn more about the Ombudsman's report and my motion in this article from the Toronto Star.




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