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Councillor targets jet noise

September 30, 2012


Toronto Star

Don Peat


Councillor Josh Matlow wants city council to reach for the sky this week.


Matlow is asking councillors to urge the federal government to listen to residents’ concerns over airplane noise.


Matlow wants the city manager to sit down with representatives from Transport Canada and any other relevant officials to “review flight paths to reduce airplane-related noise pollution.”


The St. Paul’s (Ward 22) councillor said he’s concerned about the flight path that goes over a swath of mid-town and north Toronto.


“Bottom line is what I noticed was when I’d go and speak at ratepayer AGMs, meetings about condo developments, there would always be someone from every neighbourhood bringing this issue up,” said Matlow, who added residents bothered by the noise are demanding action.


“Residents have been asking (the feds) directly for action and they are just not getting any action,” he said.


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