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Saving the Hodgson Outdoor Artificial Ice Rink

The Hodgson artificial ice rink was closed this year as a result of two ammonia leaks in two years. The Hodgson rink was over 30 years old and there is no doubt that it’s infrastructure needed to be completely replaced. With the rink closed, I worked closely with many dedicated parents to build a natural ice rink nearby at June Rowlands (Davisville) Park. While this rink was a great success, it did not replace having a reliable artificial rink in our neighbourhood. The rink is operated by the City on land owned by the TDSB. I worked with Trustee Laskin to ensure the City moved forward with securing funding and tendering a contract to refurbish and upgrade the rink, and that the facility would continue to be located at Hodgson Senior Public School. Barring any unknown construction, the rink is anticipated to re-open for the 2014/2015 winter season.

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