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New Traffic Lights Approved at Roehampton and Yonge

The Public Works and Infrastructure Committee recently approved new traffic lights for Yonge Street and Roehampton Aveneue (which will be synchronized with the existing lights on Yonge Street at Eglinton and Broadway).The installation of these lights will enhance safety for pedestrians and motorists at this intersection. These lights were initially recommended by Transportation Services staff during the site plan review and approval for the development of 2263 to 2287 Yonge Street, 8 to 10 Eglinton Avenue, and 25 and 25R Roehampton, and will be installed once construction is complete. I asked City staff to proceed with the approval sooner, so that pedestrian safety can be enhanced during the lengthy construction process. I will continue to push staff to have these lights installed as quickly as possible. Final approval of the lights took place at City Council in July 2014.

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