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More exciting improvements coming to Sharon, Lois & Bram Playground and June Rowlands Park!

Dear Residents,

For your information and review, here are the final illustrative panels of the exciting improvements to Sharon, Lois & Bram Playground at June Rowlands Park. Special thanks to Lesley Stoyan, the Communities in Action Group, Sharon Hampson and Bram Morrison for their participation in our design team, Dan Connolly and City Parks staff and everyone who contributed to community consultation meeting I hosted on April 3rd at Greenwood College School.

If construction progresses as planned, and without any unforeseen impediments such an inclement weather, work on the additions to our playground should begin sometime this fall (also to avoid impacting the enjoyment of our park during the summer season).

Best Regards,




**Update as May 15th***


The existing equipment in the plans will not be moved or altered, but after hearing feedback from the community, I requested the addition of a toddler-friendly slide!


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