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It's time to move forward for the good of Toronto

Dear residents,


It's now time to entirely focus on Toronto's many priorities. We have challenges other than the mayor that must be met including transit, curbing gridlock, housing, childcare, neighbourhood improvements and so much more.


Today, Council took substantive action, within its authority, to respond to residents' justifiable concerns about Mr. Ford's dishonest & reckless behaviour that has had an unprecedented adverse impact on the functions of the City of Toronto and on our city's global reputation.


This seemingly endless saga must finally come to an end.


I believe the time has come to now turn him off and not provide the attention that he and his brother desire. As a Council, we must work together on an honest, thoughtful, positive and fiscally responsible agenda. As a city, let us focus on the things that really count- like improving our city, our communities, fixing our problems and spending quality time with our friends and families.





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