Update: 2012 Budget - FYI, Some Proposed Service Cuts

Dear Friends and Residents,


I believe that when decisions are being made at City Hall that affect any neighbourhood or street in our ward, it is vital that those residents are informed.  When it comes to the 2012 City of Toronto Budget, Council's decisions will have an impact on not only one community, but the entire City.


Following up on my newsletter regarding the proposed cuts and service reductions contained in the 2012 budget, I am providing you a brief update on some of the specific details that were released yesterday afternoon. The following list is not exhaustive as I have just received 4 binders containing over 1,000 pages of information pertaining to the City's finances for the next year.


I will be spending the next month going over the documents and picking out items of interest to our community in order to provide a detailed list of proposed changes at a Budget Town Hall meeting I am hosting on January 11, 2012, 7:00pm at the North Toronto Memorial Community Centre.


Preliminary list of facilities that are proposed to be closed or have service reductions in or directly adjacent to Ward 22 include:



There are no school pools proposed for a reduction in funding in Ward 22.  However, across the city, the following school pools are slated for elimination of City programming:



Other City-wide recreational service reductions that may be of interest to Ward 22 residents include:



I will provide you with a more detailed analysis once I have completed reviewing the entirety of the budget documents I've received.  I recognize that some hard decisions will have to be made given the ongoing structual deficit the City of Toronto has been saddled with since amalgamation.  However, I will continue to advocate for and protect the services that Torontonians value and rely on every day.






City Councillor
Ward 22 – St. Paul's

City Council committee agendas can be viewed at: http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/decisionBodyList.do?function=prepareDisplayDBList

If you'd like to send an email directly to the members of the Budget Committee, these are the Councillors who sit on this committee.