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The historic battle between Canada and The Republic of Rathnelly


Dear residents,


I'd like to share a piece of our community's history with you.


Here in Ward 22, there exists an "independent state" known since 1967, when it seceded from Canada, as the Republic of Rathnelly (and often spelled Rathnally).


I recently had an opportunity to sit down with one of the great republic's founders to learn more about its history, listen to remarkable stories (many of which have become legendary) and receive, on behalf of our community, some precious archived documents he had held onto for many years.


To assist you in your education about this epic battle for independence, and a chance to squeeze money out of Ottawa for a local playground, I know you will enjoy these historic letters of correspondence between the Republic and the office of former Canadian Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau.


Also, please read here to learn more about Rathnelly's history and the new street signs we very recently created to celebrate its unique identity.


Love live the Republic!




Josh Matlow


City Councillor for Ward 22 and Guardian of the Republic





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